Self Awareness For The New Year

iStock_000014197405XSmall-200x300 (1)A new year has started and it’s always exciting for a fresh start. The thought of setting a goal (New Year resolution) and creating something new in your life! The general rule of thumb is most people start their resolutions highly motivated and ready to achieve their goal. They start off working hard and then after a few weeks start coming up with excuses, give up, and go back to their old habits. Why do you think this happens?

It’s important to have self awareness when you make your resolution. When you set this goal, you’re hoping to create something you don’t currently have in your life. This means you have to make changes to the way your use to living. This is being outside your comfort zone!

We as human beings learn to live our lives in a comfort zone with things we are familiar with. We create patterns of the way we live which are our habits.

Think about it… What are your daily routines? Do you do the same thing every morning when you wake up?

Here’s a way to test out what I’m saying… Figure out what your morning routines are when you wake up. Now, make a drastic change to that routine for a week. Pay attention to the way you feel. You will most likely feel a bit uncomfortable from not following your routine. This uncomfortable feeling comes from your subconscious and is letting you know something different.  What happens when you feel uncomfortable?  …Yes…you want to feel comfortable again (back to the old way of doing thing) ! This uncomfortable feeling is one of the reasons why people fail to reach their New Year resolution goals.

Whenever you set a goal to create something new in your life, you are making a change to your routine that will create some level of discomfort. This feeling of discomfort wants to feel comfortable again by going back to the familiar routine. This place is where you make choices from within yourself. This is where change takes place. The only person who has control of this place is you.  If you’re going to reach your goal, it will because of your choices you make!

I have worked with hundreds of clients to create healthy lifestyles over the years. I consider myself an expert in motivating and teaching people to become healthy. I have learned early on in my career that I have no control over people’s choices. I have learned that the key to success comes from the decisions and choices a person makes and they are the only ones who have control over those choices!

In theory, it’s simple to help people reach their fitness goals.  Set up a plan and CONSISTENTLY do the work necessary to reach the goal. The challenge comes from making the day to day choices that are outside the comfort zone!

I bring this to your attention because I want to help you be self aware so you can be successful with your goals! Self awareness and understanding yourself is an important part of success and personal growth. Creating a change in your life is not easy but you can be successful if you’re determined and willing to do what it takes to get there. Life isn’t just going to give it to you… you have to work hard and earn it… then no one can take it away from you because it yours!

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