Working Out Hard is Not The Point

What? A mistake that many people make which ultimately leads to their failure with following an exercise program is working out too hard! I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with working out hard but it’s important to understand your body, your physical limits, and your energy levels so you can get the most out of your workouts.  If your exercise is done correctly you will avoid burnout and greatly reduce your chance of injury while also enjoying the working out with all the benefits that come from it.

I’m writing this because someone recently told me that they weren’t happy with their workout because they didn’t workout hard enough. This got me thinking about how people believe that exercise needs to be hard in order to be beneficial but this is simply not true.

Working out hard is great if you understand it. This is, what I want to teach you so you don’t get burnout or injured.

First of all when you workout hard you are taking your body over it’s limit, over your threshold, which is an uncomfortable place. This uncomfortable feeling is pain.

This is “Your Pain Threshold”. When you are exercising it’s good to push yourself over this threshold because it is how you get stronger. The question is “How far to push yourself over this threshold? “ This is what you need to be aware of and learn about yourself and your body.

What happens when you touch something that to hot? That’s right… You get burned and you don’t touch it again. That what happens to many beginners when they start an exercise program… They workout too hard and they get extremely sore. Then, after doing this two or three time they end up quitting their exercise program because their subconscious is helping them find excuses to not workout.

Now, if you exercise correctly and just take yourself a little over your threshold, you don’t get as sore, and the exercise becomes more tolerable to where you begin to enjoy it and reap all the benefits.  Not to mention that your greatly reducing your chances of injury. This is my passion and what I love to teach people.  Hope your getting it!

With all that said, the key to long term success with an exercise and weight loss is consistency over a long period of time!  Your not going to get to the top of the mountain in one  step. It’s going to take many and it going to take some time.

Here are some general guidelines for your success:

1.      Have a Goal and Plan

2.     Stay Consistent (Keep taking Action)

3.     Get Rest (this is where your body gets stronger)

4.     Get the Form Right Before doing the exercise intensely

5.     Limit intense hard workouts 1-3 days a week and build up to this.

6.     Do Recovery workouts… Follow intense days with a  light easy workouts to get the blood flowing throughout your body to help you recover (Example a 30 minute walk)

7.     Eat Healthy to support your Body ( Make sure your getting the proteins, carbs, and fats your body needs)

If you’re not sure where to start or how to figure out your threshold find a profession that can guide you!

Let me know if you have any questions?

The Best,

Chris Chouteau

Influencing The World To Health


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