Clean Out Your Body

FarmersMarketSpreadI started off this year at one of my heaviest weights I’ve ever been at 202 pounds. I had gotten married in September and found myself in celebration mode through the Holidays. As a consequence I gained 14 pounds.

I set my goal to get extremely healthy and  lose 20 to 30 pounds and get back in to bike racing! To do this, I made the choice to quit drinking (my last drink of alcohol was at midnight new years), cut out cheese and processed foods and only eat whole fresh foods. I also make sure to eat light at night.

This is my 8th week and I’m down exactly 20 pounds. This happened because I’ve been very disciplined and have stuck to my plan! I found this link earlier and wanted to share because these are 10 of the main foods that have been part of my healthy diet. I do believe these foods to detox the body. I also believe when you are feeding your body healthy whole fresh foods, your body will naturally become healthy and stronger! This in my opinion is the best way to prevent disease.

Chris Chouteau, Personal Trainer in Schertz/Cibolo, TX



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