Testimonial Picture of Carleen Williams (2)

    I have been a member of CBB for one year. I remember when I first met Chris I told him “I cannot loose weight and I been doing everything”; however, doing everything was not the same as doing the correct thing in terms of eating right. So after my meeting with Chris I decided to make a lifestyle change especially with my eating. I quickly learned that in order for me to loose weight 80% had to be my nutrition and 20% was exercise which I was doing in reverse. Eating healthy was never an issue, it was just my portion size was never accurate and not to mention my cheat day when it should have been a cheat meal not the entire day. I also decided to stop drinking which was very hard for me but I know it was something that I needed to do. I also gave up all sugary drinks and drank water all the time especially after a cheat meal. In addition I would workout for 6 times per week. Monday through Friday at CBB and on Sundays I would go hiking, running or cycling which really helped me alot as well. Since I been doing this consistently for a year with CBB I have lost over 50Ibs which I never thought would have happened. This experience has been so amazing and I have never felt so good about myself. I must say Chris was right when he said “you will loose weight” cause I sure did. Furthermore, the atmosphere at CBB is always very friendly and comfortable. The trainers and members are very supportive and always pushing you to never give up. So if you need to make a lifestyle change I definitely recommend for you to start that change at CBB for it will be one of your best decisions and guarantee you will get AWESOME results.

    Carleen Williams