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Clean Out Your Body

FarmersMarketSpreadI started off this year at one of my heaviest weights I’ve ever been at 202 pounds. I had gotten married in September and found myself in celebration mode through the Holidays. As a consequence I gained 14 pounds.

I set my goal to get extremely healthy and  lose 20 to 30 pounds and get back in to bike racing! To do this, I made the choice to quit drinking (my last drink of alcohol was at midnight new years), cut out cheese and processed foods and only eat whole fresh foods. I also make sure to eat light at night.

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Enrich Your Life… 3 Steps to Creating

Enrich Your Life… 3 Steps to Creating

ChrisBlogHeadShot-200x300There is always a process to create anything in your life. Whether you want to lose weight, start your own business, buy a new car… there is always a process! Here’s how it goes…


You first have an idea. The idea is a thought that comes to your mind of something you want in your life. The idea is a thought in the future. You can’t touch and it’s not real. YET! This is also a visualization, or as our teachers would call it a “day dream”. They are thoughts in the future of something you would like to create in your life!

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An Inspiring Video by Aimee Mullins On Life Adversities And The Power We All Have To Change Our Lives.

Chirs-e1278724598363-300x238Educate- (educe) to bring forth what is within, to bring out potential

We are capable of so much as human beings and the only thing holding us back is, ourselves. Aimee Mullins shares with us her inspiring story and shows us what we are capable of as human beings and the importance of the way we think, and how it determines our lives.

When my clients come to me for Personal Training in Santa Monica, I know they have what it takes to achieve their goals before I even meet them. Everyone has what it takes. My personal goal is to motivate and teach them so they have the confidence and knowledge to be successful. You have it too, and if you find yourself thinking otherwise, stop and ask yourself why you are thinking that way, and think about what you can do to change that perspective.

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By Lou Yecies

Physical activity has been an integral part of my life since I was a teenager. Over the years, I am now 65, I have trained in organized and personal activities, which I have done for enjoyment, general physical and mental fitness as well as in competition.

There have been numerous coaches, trainers and “gurus” throughout they years. Most recently, since I reside part of the year in Chicago, I train twice a week at the Gold Coast Multiplex with an extremely qualified personal trainer and have trained in boxing and mixed martial arts with a current UFC professional.

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