Are You Bikini Ready

It’s not too late to get your body bikini ready. In fact, participants of our six weeks challenge prove it! They’ve made important changes that really make a difference in how they look, whether enjoying a day at the beach or a night out on the town. You don’t have to put on a bikini to appreciate what a difference six weeks makes. Not only will you look great, you’ll be ready for all the fun that summer has to offer.

It all starts with eating healthy.

While exercise is important, good health, weight loss and a boost in energy levels all starts with a healthy diet. Don’t let that term diet fool you. When you eat healthy, you probably eat more than you would when you’re not dieting. You simply change the type of food you eat. It starts with cutting out processed foods and sugar or white flour products. Some people start slowly and just cut out food with added sugar. They start reading labels and are often amazed at how many foods have added sugar, foods you might not expect. Kicking the sugar habit is tough. Sugar is addictive and stimulates the same pleasure center in the brain as opioids.

Green up and make your plate a rainbow of color.

Spring is here and there’s so many great foods available straight out of local farmer’s gardens. If you can, use organic fruits and vegetables to avoid exposure to chemical pesticides. There’s a list called the “Dirty Dozen” that shows the fruits and vegetables that were tested across America to find which ones contained the most pesticides. There’s also a list called the “Clean Fifteen,” which shows traditionally grown fruits and vegetables that had negligible amounts of chemicals, so you don’t have to buy organic to get the benefits. The more colorful the mix of fruits and vegetables, the more nutrients you’ll get.

Start your exercise program immediately.

Working out plays a huge role in shedding weight and getting your body toned and gorgeous. If you’re skinny and flabby, it’s not attractive, either. Getting healthy and fit means including all types of exercises in your workout. You need strength training to help build muscle tissue and tone the muscles, flexibility training to prevent injury and endurance to keep you going longer. If you start today, you’ll have start looking like the person you want to be in six weeks. Everyone will notice the difference.

  • The more muscle tissue you have, the easier it is to lose weight. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, so you’ll burn more calories 24/7.
  • Boosting your endurance also helps you burn more weight. The more energy you have, the more active you’ll be even when you’re not working out. An active lifestyle is part of getting fit.
  • Eating healthy means you can eat almost anywhere and stick with the program. Even if you have a slice of birthday cake or a cookie, all is not lost. You simply make sure that you stick with healthy eating the rest of the time.
  • You’ll be amazed at how great healthy food tastes. In fact, after eating healthy for six weeks, you’ll probably be able to appreciate the sweetness of fresh fruits and find it satisfying as a sweet treat.

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