Are You on the Computer? You Better Read This!

techphoto-300x199We live in a society where stress has become the norm and technology is making life easier and easier so we are able to do everything from the comfort of our homes. Examples, as the remote control, ordering groceries online, microwavable meals, etc… Although amazing, technological advances and how it makes life more convenient, is at the cost of our health. Added stress in our daily lives and lack of activity are causes leading to diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc… (add an unhealthy diet to this and it only compounds the problem…ouch)

Technology in a sense is making us lazier and lazier, and shows no signs of slowing.  This is why it’s important to incorporate exercise and physical activity in your life.  By adding a healthy diet you will compound the effects of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The point of sharing this is to create awareness of how technology affects your health. I am not knocking technology, but simply trying to create awareness of how it affects your life from a health standpoint, providing the tools for healthier choices.

Our bodies are meant to move and be active, so when technology is creating things to make our lives easier (use of remote control instead of walking up to the TV, ordering groceries online instead of walking to the market) there is a need to incorporate exercise to compensate for what we have taken away-ACTIVITY. Let me say it again OUR BODIES ARE MEANT TO MOVE AND BE ACTIVE!

Move it or Lose it! Your Choice!


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