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It’s Time! Get Excited!!!

iStock_000002381762Small-300x208I Love this time of year… the Holidays, the Year coming to an end, and the start of a New Year! Great time to create some changes!!!

With 2011 around the corner, it’s time to sit down and think about the things you want to create in your life! Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, run (5k, 10k,marathon), get out of debt, save money, read more, etc… What do you want to create for 2011?

This is the time to set your New Year Resolutions! What an awesome thing! A Fresh Start! 2011 is your year! Set your goals, commit, and be excited. Tell yourself “I am going to give it my all.”

Remember, there are no failures, there are only lessons, and they are essential to your success. It’s yours for the taking! Set your goals and make it happen!

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Failure is Great!!!!

Good-Health-Freeway-Sign-e1288969196557What comes to mind when you hear the word failure? You most likely think of something negative like not reaching a goal, failing a test, or maybe even you’re a loser, etc…. We are taught in our society that failure is negative and it’s not acceptable. I am here to tell you it is acceptable and it’s a positive thing. It’s your choice in how you view it.

Whenever we fail, we are trying to accomplish something. It can be from taking a test, losing weight, running a marathon, or even losing a relationship. It’s normal to get upset when we don’t get the result we wanted. The problem is when we ruminate on what we’ve lost or didn’t accomplish. When we do this, we are thinking of something in the past and wishing it was different. It’s in the past and therefore cannot be changed. (Unless I create a time -LOL- Just Kidding) This is when failure is negative!

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