Dam Holiday Weekends

SlippingOnBanana-232x300I just weighed myself and found I’m up 7 ½ pounds from the 4th of July week. The reason is because I made poor eating and drinking choices. I must now correct those choices; I will be eating extra healthy and cutting back on calories till I get back to where I like to be.

In my lifestyle I usually eat healthy and exercise so I feel good and my brain optimally functions. This past week I decided to make poor choices and today my energy is low, so I’m feeling tired and sluggish and struggling to write this blog entry.

For example: This weekend I ate chicken wings with beer and a late night pastrami sandwich. To undo these negative effects: Today I’ve had a few healthy meals and drank lots of water… I’m already starting to feel better!

The thing to understand when trying to be healthy and reach your goals is as I like to say, “life happens”. There will always be distractions and things that knock you off course! The key is to stay focused and committed to your health. When you fall down such as a holiday weekend and make poor choices… Just get back up and start where you left off. You can do it!

Let’s get back to health!

Chris Chouteau

Custom Body Fitness

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