Diet is the Most Important Part of Losing Weight

Huhphoto-201x300Here a video I created that focuses on the importance of diet for losing weight. I am always having conversations with people about losing weight, and I would say that the majority of the people believe that exercise is the best way to lose weight. This is wrong! Exercise does play an important role, but diet is the most important part of losing weight!

Most of the infomercials products that you see on late night TV about getting this hard toned body, all mention (in fine print of course) to follow the diet to get results. That is because you will not get results without the diet! You can’t spot reduce either! This means you can’t do hundreds and hundreds of crunches and lose weight! You have to follow a diet! I’ll take it a step further, follow a healthy diet and you will get better results! (Balanced, Whole Fresh Food…I’ll get to this in my next blog entry)

I was talking with my client today, and she mentioned the main thing she learned from me this past year, is that diet is the most important part of losing weight.

Let me say it again “Diet is the most important part of losing weight!”


Say it to yourself a hundred times! I know I’m driving this point home, but people need to know this.

I also want to encourage you to tell Everyone! It’s hard to believe this information is not common knowledge, but it needs to be! Just look at the Obesity rate in our country!

Now go start eating a whole fresh healthy diet! It could change your life in so many positive ways… After all, We are what we eat!

Don’t be a Hot Dog! LOL 🙂


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