Improve your childs odds!!! You can make the difference!

map26-300x174Here’s something to think about… If you are feeding your kids fast food you may be setting the stage for them to be obese and overweight!… This is something that needs to be considered by all Americans! The percentage of Americans that are overweight is around 60 percent… Think about that… 60%… This percentage means your kid has more than a 50/50 chance of being overweight… But you… have the power to put the odds in their favor and teach them to make healthier eating choices… FAST FOOD IS NOT HEALTHY!

Eating Habits and Patterns are developed at early ages… so if you are innocently feeding your kids fast foods you may be creating bad habits for them in the future… As a personal trainer on of my biggest challenges is helping people to break old habits of eating… and in most cases these habits have come form childhood. I know this may be upsetting for some to read but I post it so you can make better choices for your children!!!

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