Learn To Be Uncomfortable

On my way to the gym this morning, I was thinking of my friend who is having some health issues.  Time after time I have expressed to my friend that exercising and eating properly can improved if not eliminated my friends health concerns. The crazy part is that he is not open to making any of the changes even though he knows it would improve his life.

I see this a lot at Custom Body Bootcamp when people come to me with serious health issues and their doctor is telling them to make lifestyle changes of eating healthy and exercise and they don’t do it.

There are so many times where I want to grab the person I’m talking to and look them straight in the eye and tell them “You have to do this!!! Your life depends on it!!!”

It so frustrating when people won’t commit and make these changes but I will never stop because I Love helping people change their lives!!!

As I was driving this morning I was thinking why do people continue to make choices that are causing them pain mentally and physically when they know they can make better choices to improve their life.

Is it  because Change is Hard?  YES, it is  but if your life depends on it wouldn’t you make that change?

The reasons why it’s so hard is because changing old patterns and habits make you uncomfortable.

When we are uncomfortable our mind automatically seeks pleasure because this will help us feel comfortable. This is what happens when we are making changes in any area of our life.

For example.. Someone who has unhealthy eating habits starts to eat healthy. It feels uncomfortable because the sugary/salty food taste better to them and this makes them uncomfortable because they are craving the unhealthy food. They seek the immediate gratification of old patterns and habits of eating the salty/sugary food.

Change is hard! There is no question but when it comes to quality of life it’s so worth it!


I can’t stress how important this is!

Exercising consistently helps you learn how to be UNCOMFORTABLE!!! This will translate into all areas of your life!!

There are so many other reasons to exercise as well but this is one of the great benefits of exercise.

Use exercise as a tool to make your life GREAT!!!

I hope this gets you thinking and you make some healthy changes!

Cheers to Your Best Self!!! 🙂


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