Transformation Tuesday- Tavia's Weight Loss Success Story

Transformation Tuesday- Tavia’s Weight Loss Success Story

Meet Tavia- Theses Legs are used for Walking…Running and Jumping too! This is her weight loss success story.

Tavia joined Custom body Bootcamp in April 2016. Prior to joining Tavia suffered a hurt hip and was unable to walk for two months. She knew she needed to be active so she picked up some weights and little by little she started walking again.

Tavia weight lossTavia weight loss

She had frequently passed by the studio and wondered if she could ever workout at Custom Body Bootcamp. One day she decided to approach a member that had just finished her workout. Tavia asked her how she liked Custom Body Bootcamp, and the member had only good things to say about her experience. So, Tavia decided to try us out.

Tavia lost 50 lbs(Tavia weight loss

7 Months later Tavia is down 50 lbs. She has come a long way from not being unable to walk. She not only enjoys her new-found self, but she is now able to work out the way she wants with no restrictions.

“I have finally found an environment where I feel people are concerned about working out and eating right just like me. More importantly no matter where you are at on your journey there is someone there to support you”. That is what she loves the most about Custom Body Bootcamp say Tavia.

She continues to say that “Custom Body Bootcamp is an environment of encouragement”.

She enjoys her fellow Bootcampers and looks forward to working out with them daily.

Before Custom Body Bootcamp Tavia had never committed to working out for more than 6 months, she’s has been with us for 20 months and not bored of the program. Great Job Tavia! We are so PROUD of YOU!

Transformation Tuesday- Traci's Weight Loss Success Story

Transformation Tuesday- Traci’s Weight Loss Success Story

Gorgeous and Active all the way to Retirement…Traci shares her weight loss success to inspire others.

Weight loss success- Traci

Traci was first introduced to Custom Body Bootcamp through a flyer from our Grand Opening back in September of 2015.

During the grand opening, she met a couple of our current members who she describes as “happy and welcoming people”. She was pleased to meet such a diverse group of members who came in all shapes, sizes, and ages. They encouraged her to get active and shared their success stories with her.

Weight loss success- Traci Weight loss success- Traci

She was inspired to create change in her own life and knew she could commit to a 30-minute workout, 2 years later she is still committed!

Traci reports she has more energy, her posture has improved significantly and is now fitting into smaller sizes which she enjoying because she loves shopping for her new body. Even more amazing is her blood pressure and cholesterol have gone down. This is Awesome!

She has increased her activity by 100% inside and outside of Custom Body Bootcamp. She went from hating to run to recently completing her first half marathon (13.1 Miles). She also enjoys other actives like swimming and biking.
Traci has also made amazing new friends within the Custom Body Bootcamp community who hold her accountable to workout, eating healthy and having fun!

Weight loss success- TraciWeight loss success- Traci

Not only has Traci made these healthy changes for herself but her family has also made these changes as well.

Traci can do anything she set her mind too, she is open to trying new things and has a happier and sounder approach to life’s challenges.

Although Traci still has weight loss goals she’s working on reaching; she’s not caught up in the stress of it all. Her new positive attitude on life allows her to look at the big picture of being healthy and active is most important. Traci is currently working on increasing her running pace and beating personal records on both her 10k & Half Marathon.

Weight loss success- Traci Weight loss success- Traci

There is no stopping Traci, she vows to continue living her fit and healthy life and takes pride in wanting to be the fittest and gorgeous active 95-year-old in a retirement home when she gets older. “Because you’re only as old as you feel at the end of the day”.


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Transformation Tuesday- Gary's Weight Loss Success Story

Transformation Tuesday- Gary’s Weight Loss Success Story

Gary’s weight loss is truly inspiring! He is down 21 lbs and still going.Weight Loss Success- Gary

He started Custom Body Bootcamp in January of 2017. Before coming to Custom Body Bootcamp, he was weighing in at 242 Lbs. ; feeling depressed about his weight and knew he needed to make a change in His Life.

Gary went from struggling through a 30-minute session and attending 3 classes per week; to now doubling up on his classes and consistently attending 6 classes week.

Needless to say; Today’s Gary is not yesterday’s Gary. He’s found a new lease on life and he did it all through health and fitness. He’s down 21 lbs. so far and is feeling amazing.

He’s built muscle (check out his arms), strength, and a whole lot of confidence.

The best part is his energy levels are high, and he sleeps better at night. Exercising has become a way of life for him.

He’s extremely proud of his results and looks forward to his daily workouts. Gary continues to set goals for himself and is currently working on dropping another 20 lbs. of fat all while building muscles.

Weight Loss Success- Gary

He plans to stay active, and healthy both mentally and physically for years to come.

Click Here to Watch Gary’s Interview on His Life Transformation.


How do you create a great life?

How do you create a great life?

Hi There,

Chris Chouteau here with Custom Body Bootcamp!  Hope your week has gone well!

I want to give you something to think about today!

I went for a walk this morning down at the beach and I got to thinking “How do you create a great life?” and my answer I came up with was do what you love!

member group photo

I am very fortunate and blessed to be able to have many things in my life that I love. I have a beautiful wife who I love dearly, I have a bootcamp studio where I help people positively change their lives by exercise and eating healthy. I am able to ride my bike and enjoy the outdoors.

photo of member

I have all these things because I have worked hard and created them. I want to say that I am lucky but in reality I have worked my butt off and taken risk and they have paid off! I guess you could say I am lucky but the funny thing is the harder I work the luckier I get.

members working out

I have created all these things in my life and there is no reason why you can’t create the things you love in you life as well You just have to want them so bad that you will do whatever it takes to create them!

We all create our life as human beings and you create it by the choices you make. Of course, unfortunate and unexpected things happen but you are not a product of circumstance. You always have a choice to change your life and you can always find positive in every situation in some shape or form.

I put this list together to start your process to do what you Love…


  1. Write down the things you love to do and want to create in your life
  2. Then ask your self…what actions steps do I need to take to create these things in my life.
  3. Then make the decision and commit that you are going to create these things in you life
  4. Then Take Action and start creating


If there’s a will there’s a way.  Life is full of abundance and opportunity and it’s available to you and everyone.

Stay positive, work hard, and be patience,


Chris, owner Custom Body Bootcamp