Why is this stupid scale not moving?

What To Do When The Scale Doesn’t Move

Hey There,

Let me ask first… Did you get your Monday Workout in?

If not.. Why? If you did, Great job, you started your week off right.

Make Never Miss a Monday Workout one of your life rules!!! This starts your week off right and will help you make better decisions for the week.

Now to get into the main subject of this post. What to do when the Scale doesn’t move?

I talked to one of our newest members into weighing yesterday and the scale didn’t move. I could sense the punch in the gut feeling when the scale didn’t move because she’s worked her butt off the last 3 weeks. I know that disappointing feeling. She was telling me before she weighted-in how great she was feeling and how her clothes were fitting better so it’s working.

So what do you do when the scale isn’t moving?

First, NEVER QUIT!!! This is not an option. The new member I was telling you about did seem to be a bit disappointed but it only lasted for a second and then I sensed her determination to reach her goal! She is going to get great results here at Custom Body Bootcamp!

Quitting will ensure you will not get the results you want and is not an option! Never Quit!

So many people give up and quit when they don’t see results. The reason is that they are not doing the right things to get the results.

What the solution? Simple, try a different approach.

Understand that if you are not eating properly to lose weight you will not get the results you are seeking. It doesn’t matter if you are exercising and eating healthy! Let me say this again…


If the scale is not moving, you must change your eating! This is what I mean by finding a different approach.

There are so many different eating plans out there to lose weight. Some of the ones that I would recommend are a Balanced Macronutrient Weight Loss Eating Plan, The Whole 30, Ketogenic Eating Plan and Weight Watchers. Side note Notice I don’t call them diets, they are eating plans!

So which one should you try? The one your going to stick to!! 🙂 That Simple!

You have to actually follow the plan! If you throw in a cheat here or there.. Don’t expect to get any results because you are rolling the dice.

Which is OK because you are trying to LEARN WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Just don’t expect to get any results that week. If you get results,  great! If you don’t it great too because you are learning!

Creating a healthy lifestyle and learning about eating nutritiously is trial and error. You learn from the mistakes and then over time you will learn your body and what works best for you! Then you don’t have to listen to me amore because you will know yourself!  

This is why you never quit when you don’t see results. It’s a necessary part of the process to be successful in your long term goal!!!

Keep showing up, learning, and doing your best!!!


If you are not getting results in fitness, weight loss and need the accountability, call us to set up a consultation (210) 853-8333


Learn To Be Uncomfortable

Learn To Be Uncomfortable

On my way to the gym this morning, I was thinking of my friend who is having some health issues.  Time after time I have expressed to my friend that exercising and eating properly can improved if not eliminated my friends health concerns. The crazy part is that he is not open to making any of the changes even though he knows it would improve his life.

I see this a lot at Custom Body Bootcamp when people come to me with serious health issues and their doctor is telling them to make lifestyle changes of eating healthy and exercise and they don’t do it.

There are so many times where I want to grab the person I’m talking to and look them straight in the eye and tell them “You have to do this!!! Your life depends on it!!!”

It so frustrating when people won’t commit and make these changes but I will never stop because I Love helping people change their lives!!!

As I was driving this morning I was thinking why do people continue to make choices that are causing them pain mentally and physically when they know they can make better choices to improve their life.

Is it  because Change is Hard?  YES, it is  but if your life depends on it wouldn’t you make that change?

The reasons why it’s so hard is because changing old patterns and habits make you uncomfortable.

When we are uncomfortable our mind automatically seeks pleasure because this will help us feel comfortable. This is what happens when we are making changes in any area of our life.

For example.. Someone who has unhealthy eating habits starts to eat healthy. It feels uncomfortable because the sugary/salty food taste better to them and this makes them uncomfortable because they are craving the unhealthy food. They seek the immediate gratification of old patterns and habits of eating the salty/sugary food.

Change is hard! There is no question but when it comes to quality of life it’s so worth it!


I can’t stress how important this is!

Exercising consistently helps you learn how to be UNCOMFORTABLE!!! This will translate into all areas of your life!!

There are so many other reasons to exercise as well but this is one of the great benefits of exercise.

Use exercise as a tool to make your life GREAT!!!

I hope this gets you thinking and you make some healthy changes!

Cheers to Your Best Self!!! 🙂


Your Smart Phone Is Ruining Your Life

Your Smart Phone Is Ruining Your Life

The struggle of losing weight and getting in shape is no joke! But it is a must if you want a great life!

I want to give you some things to think about today in regards to your health but also why the struggle is so real when you trying to lose weight and get in shape.

We as human beings always want to take the path of least resistance. We want to make things as simple as we can so we don’t have to work as hard. Think about it… 150 years ago we would have to walk if we wanted to get from point A to point B. We now have cars that allow us to travel distances that would have been unheard of back then.

The television is another one. 50 years ago if you were watching television and wanted to change the channel, you would have to get up and change the channel. Now we just sit on the couch and push buttons.

Now we have smart phones and amazon. I run out of dog food, I grab my phone and order dog food and it usually arrives the next day instead of driving down the pet store.

I am personally a fan of technology. It’s exciting and amazing seeing the creative things that we are coming up with as human beings.

It’s fun but it does come at a cost. Here is what you need to understand….

While technology is amazing and has benefited us in many ways, it does come at a cost, your health! You no longer have to walk a mile down the street to buy groceries. Think about it… If you have to walk a mile down the street and haul your groceries back how would you feel? It would be a great workout!

This is a great idea… Maybe you should add this into your routine 🙂

I got all kinds of suggestions to help you become healthy, that’s why I own a fitness studio and love helping people get healthy.

Back to the point… It’s important for you to understand, technology is not going to slow down. It’s going to continue to come up with more and more solutions to make our lives easier (move less) which will have a negative impact in your life if you don’t make the decision to exercise and be active.

Take control of your health! I know it a huge monumental undertaking and the challenge is real but the value of it will add to your life and it’s undeniably worth it! YOU are worth it!!!

Make the decision to be active and do the necessary work to be healthy and have a great life. Invest in yourself by putting in the work and developing a healthy lifestyle. This is what we help our members do at the bootcamp and there is nothing better than seeing this transformation with our members!

You body is designed to move and be active.

Here is my homework for you :). Come up with 3 answers to the question below and then do it for 30 days.

What can I do during my day to move my body more?


  1. I will park a half mile down the street from work and walk in because this will give me more energy for my workday and my walk back to the car will give me more energy to have a great night after work.
  2. I will take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  3. Every 60 minutes I will get up from my desk, stretch and do a 5 min routine I found on YouTube

Hope you have a great week! 🙂



Nurture Yourself By Exercising

Nurture Yourself By Exercising

Exercise when done consistently helps you to develop the strength, endurance and focus to handle the challenges that bring stress to our lives. It’s a great habit to have in your life.

Exercise strengthens your mind so you can achieve success. When I say SUCCESS, I mean success in ALL areas of your life!

Think about it this way… when you begin to workout you develop strength and endurance for whatever type of exercise you are participating in. When this happens, you will begin to be more confident in your own body because you will be moving and functioning better. You may not be conscious of it but it will be happening.

This confidence will show up in your relationships with your family, your career and most importantly the connection with yourself.

The awesome part is that it will continue to build and build as long as you stay consistent with exercising.

The confidence and self-esteem build in every single person who is consistent at Custom Body Bootcamp. I have seen how people change when they walk into bootcamp, they walk taller, are happier and their smile is from head to toe. I actually seen this happen to everyone who’s been consistent in exercising in the last 15 years of training. To be honest with you, this is why I love what I do.

This happens because exercise is a way of nurturing yourself. I know it may not feel like it especially when you start but it is! It’s self-love and this is how you should look at it!

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. When exercising just know it’s OK to be uncomfortable and it will pass. You do intentionally because it will make your life better!  You will actually begin to enjoy it after you stay consistent long enough.

It’s not just for losing weight and looking good… It’s a tool for having a great life!

I have a little brag… The pic below is the most I’ve ever deadlifted J. I love accomplishing things I’ve never done before J

Have an awesome day!


Lynn's 37 Pound Weight Loss Story

Lynn’s 37 Pound Weight Loss Story

When Lynn saw this picture of herself she knew it was time to do something about her health and her life.

She started to do research and found Custom Body Bootcamp and now is down 37 pounds. She is feeling great about herself and excited about her future… check out her story below…

1.    When did you start Custom Body Bootcamp, i.e. months, years?

I started June 4th 2018. I did the 13 week summer challenge,

2.    What was your life like before joining Custom Body Bootcamp?

I was at my heaviest weight. I was tired all the time, depressed, aches and pains here and there. I mostly felt angry. Angry with myself because I knew I wasn’t living authentically. My true self wanted to be healthy, fit and strong. My true self wanted to eat well and be consistent with fitness. I wasn’t doing any of that so I was angry. Essentially living a lie.

3.    What types of changes have you made since joining Custom Body Bootcamp?

I’ve made some serious changes to my diet. My mindset about food and fitness have changed. I’m no longer using diet and exercise as way to just lose weight, its now part of a lifestyle journey. 

4.    What is your weight loss to date and how do you feel? 

To date I’ve lost about 37lbs. I feel amazing. For the first time I have clothes in my closet that are too big. My work scrubs that were too tight are now way too big. I even went down half a shoe size. 


Lynn Down 37 Pounds

5.    What goals have your reached?

My biggest goal when I started was to just be consistent. Everything else was secondary. Yes I wanted to lose weight but more than anything I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick with this journey and not give up. When it came to eating healthy and exercise I would do it for a couple weeks then quit. I’m finally in a place where eating right and exercising is my new normal. That’s huge for me.

6.    How has your life changed after joining Custom Body Bootcamp?

I knew my life had changed about a week after starting the challenge and changing my diet. Someone brought a fresh, still warm box of donuts to work one day. I stood next to the donuts and had absolutely no desire to have one. I was in shock so I stood there a little longer waiting to see if I would respond like I normally would… and nothing. I didn’t want the donut. I have dozens of examples like that. I feel good physically, I have mental clarity, my moods are not all over the place, and most importantly I feel like I’m finally becoming the person I always wanted to be. Someone healthy that feels good on the inside and reflects that on the outside.

7.    How do you visualize your future self with respects to exercise and eating healthy?

This is just the beginning of my journey. I still have more weight to lose and I’m still learning what foods and methods work best for my body. I see myself progressing with fitness. Now that the weight is falling off my new goal is to be toned and to be able get through those CBB workouts lifting heavier weights, doing more sit ups etc. The workouts are a challenge, but I don’t regret a single one. I feel awesome and so accomplished after each workout.

8.    What would you tell someone who is interested in checking out?

I would say go for it. What do have to lose? It was hard at first. I really didn’t like it the first two weeks. I was like what did I get myself into. But I made a decision to just keep coming back. And it got easier and I got stonger from week to week. And to my suprise I actually started enjoying it and looked forward to coming. The instructors are motivating and warm. Its an encouraging environment and other people there have the same struggles and victories as you do and you compare stories. I would tell someone you deserve to feel good about yourself inside and out. I’m a registered nurse and everyday I work with patients who have diseases that could have  been prevented with diet and exercise. Once I made the decision to change everything else was so easy. I still enjoy “bad” food here and there. But now when I eat like that its the exception not the rule. Those moments are more enjoyable now because it’s an experience, not just some random grossness I picked up in a drive thru. I feel amazing and you deserve to feel amazing too.


Lynn Feeling great in her new healthy body.

Custom Body Bootcamp
Schertz/Cibolo, TX


Kimberly's 22 pounds of weight loss lead to great opportunities in her life.

Transformation Tuesday “Kimberly Journey”

Check out Kimberly transformation story, I’m so proud of her and all the positive changes she had created in her life.

Kimberly-Ake-8-1-18-Front-After.pngHow much weight loss have you lost to date? 

I have lost 22lbs.

What was your life like before coming to Custom Body Bootcamp?

Life before Custom Body Bootcamp was a series of attempts to lose weight. At the beginning of the year I tried to meal prep which was somewhat successful, but without the proper knowledge on how food is processed in my body and a lack of exercise I didn’t see much results. I also attempted workout plans or Zumba, but the motivation to continue was just not there.



What was your trigger that made you decide to take action and make some healthy changes in your life?

This year I had decided to make a change and start with baby steps, which was altering the way I ate. I was overweight and although happy with myself, very unmotivated, but I wanted to try the challenge that I kept seeing pop-up on my facebook feed. Bootcamp is around the corner and the sessions were only 30 minutes, I just took a gamble pretty much.

What goals have your reached?

My goal has always been to become healthier, but being able to go below a weight I had always wanted surpassed my expectations. I wanted to get to 175, I went down to 168 and have never felt healthier. I didn’t even look this good in high school.

How has your life changed after coming to Custom Body Bootcamp?

It has definitely changed my life, I have come so far, I have no intention of going backwards. It has changed the way I see food and has made me realize that exercising is something that has to be done throughout life, not just for a few days or month. Consistency is very important to stay healthy.

How do you visualize your future self that you are currently creating?

I see my future self as motivated and healthy and happy. I had a conversation with Chris about how when we make positive changes it can attract and make positive things happen around you. And that is exactly what has been happening. I am moving because I am engaged to a man I thought I’d never see again and I am also going back to school to get out of a place I have felt stuck at for years.

What would you tell someone who is scared about trying out Custom Body Bootcamp?

I was scared, so I would say push yourself out of your comfort zone and try it. But you have to surrender completely and give it your all or there is no point

Thank you to the team that was so helpful and motivating. You guys are great! And also to my fellow bootcampers who would push their hardest and motivate me to do the same. This was definitely a life changing experience.

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