Your Smart Phone Is Ruining Your Life

The struggle of losing weight and getting in shape is no joke! But it is a must if you want a great life!

I want to give you some things to think about today in regards to your health but also why the struggle is so real when you trying to lose weight and get in shape.

We as human beings always want to take the path of least resistance. We want to make things as simple as we can so we don’t have to work as hard. Think about it… 150 years ago we would have to walk if we wanted to get from point A to point B. We now have cars that allow us to travel distances that would have been unheard of back then.

The television is another one. 50 years ago if you were watching television and wanted to change the channel, you would have to get up and change the channel. Now we just sit on the couch and push buttons.

Now we have smart phones and amazon. I run out of dog food, I grab my phone and order dog food and it usually arrives the next day instead of driving down the pet store.

I am personally a fan of technology. It’s exciting and amazing seeing the creative things that we are coming up with as human beings.

It’s fun but it does come at a cost. Here is what you need to understand….

While technology is amazing and has benefited us in many ways, it does come at a cost, your health! You no longer have to walk a mile down the street to buy groceries. Think about it… If you have to walk a mile down the street and haul your groceries back how would you feel? It would be a great workout!

This is a great idea… Maybe you should add this into your routine 🙂

I got all kinds of suggestions to help you become healthy, that’s why I own a fitness studio and love helping people get healthy.

Back to the point… It’s important for you to understand, technology is not going to slow down. It’s going to continue to come up with more and more solutions to make our lives easier (move less) which will have a negative impact in your life if you don’t make the decision to exercise and be active.

Take control of your health! I know it a huge monumental undertaking and the challenge is real but the value of it will add to your life and it’s undeniably worth it! YOU are worth it!!!

Make the decision to be active and do the necessary work to be healthy and have a great life. Invest in yourself by putting in the work and developing a healthy lifestyle. This is what we help our members do at the bootcamp and there is nothing better than seeing this transformation with our members!

You body is designed to move and be active.

Here is my homework for you :). Come up with 3 answers to the question below and then do it for 30 days.

What can I do during my day to move my body more?


  1. I will park a half mile down the street from work and walk in because this will give me more energy for my workday and my walk back to the car will give me more energy to have a great night after work.
  2. I will take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  3. Every 60 minutes I will get up from my desk, stretch and do a 5 min routine I found on YouTube

Hope you have a great week! 🙂



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