Protein Supplements Are Not For Snacking

If you’re one of those people who use their protein supplements for snacking, you’re not getting the maximum benefit from them if you’re attempting to lose weight. Some people work their bottoms off in the gym and use their protein supplements for snacks. When it comes the time to weigh in, they’re aghast that while they worked harder and stuck to healthy eating, a cohort who worked far more casually, but didn’t eat protein supplements as snacks, lost more weight. The truth is, while the protein supplements are good, you have to use them at the proper time.

A study at Purdue University proved that timing was important.

Wayne Campbell, the senior author of the study at Purdue, commented on the findings of the study led by Joshua Hudson and published in Nutrition Reviews. He noted that timing mattered when it came to consuming those high protein supplements and consuming them in between meals to replace another snack might actually interfere with your maximum weight loss, rather than aid it.

Using them for snacks, rather than to replace a meal, can add extra calories to your day.

The study followed not only the potential weight loss of the subjects when using a protein supplement, but also the timing of ingesting the supplement. The conclusion was clear. People who used the supplement as a snack between meals gained weight, while those who consumed it during the meal not only maintained weight, but also decreased the amount of fat on their body. Since these studies were just to see the effect of timing, the subjects weren’t attempting to restrict caloric intake.

If you want to gain lean muscle mass, grab a protein drink between meals.

One of the reasons that people tended to gain weight when the protein supplements were used as snacks is that they are higher in calories. When it was time to eat the next meal, the caloric intake was not adjusted for the snack. When consumed with a meal, it filled them and reduced the number of calories they ate, so they maintained their body weight rather than gaining weight. However, for those trying to gain weight, this study can be a blessing. Consuming a protein drink between meals not only helps add pounds, those pounds tend to be muscle rather than fat.

  • Listen to the name—protein supplement. That means it’s supposed to supplement a diet, not replace it. Remember, when they’re eaten with a meal, they help build lean muscle mass. You need more than the supplement to get the body you hoped to achieve.
  • For the most amazing weight loss and swiftest boost to your muscles, eat healthy and exercise. Unless you have a medical condition or can’t consume the appropriate amount of protein, all the rest is frills.
  • If you do decide to make a protein shake for a dinner, throw in greens, fruit and make it a delicious smoothie with whole foods, rather than just your protein powder.
  • If you want a high protein snack, choose trail mix, turkey roll-ups, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, vegetables and yogurt dip, a hard-boiled egg or nut butter spread on apple slices.

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