Time To Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

It’s time to spring clean your fitness routine here in Schertz/Cibolo, TX. If you’ve been working out inside, maybe it’s time to switch it up and enjoy the dryer weather. You don’t have to give up the gym! Just start enjoying your fitness and add a few things, like adding walks during lunch hours and visits to farmer’s markets for fresh produce. If you’re part of our family at Custom Body Bootcamp you already vary your workout based on trainer’s recommendations, but if you’re not, here are some recommendations and reasons to change it up a bit.

Are you working out harder than you were a year ago?

When many of my clients first come to Custom Body Bootcamp, they couldn’t do many of the exercises that were part of their program. Not for lack of instruction on how to do them, but simply because their bodies weren’t cooperating. Today, those same people are pros at the ones they couldn’t do and push toward achieving more intensity and more repetitions. In other words, the fitter they become, the more they ask their bodies to achieve. That’s the only road toward progress and they know it.

Doing the same thing continuously can lead to plateauing.

Everyone has one or two favorite exercises they enjoy doing. That’s all right, as long as you aren’t depending on just those exercises. The longer you do a workout, the more efficient your muscles become at that exercise. While efficiency is good when you’re working, it’s not so good when you’re working out. It means your body burns fewer calories and burning fewer calories can lead to plateauing. It’s time to change up that old routine for a new one this spring.

Does your fitness routine include healthy eating?

When you think of a fitness routine, you normally think of only what you do at the gym, but there’s more to a routine than just that. Eating healthy should be part of your day, too. You cannot out exercise an unhealthy diet. It’s impossible. If you’re consuming fries, burgers, shakes and cakes, you’d have to spend the day in the gym to burn off all those extra calories. That doesn’t take into consideration the lack of good nutrition and effects on your weight it can have.

  • Add some activity to your daily life. It doesn’t have to be traditional exercise. Just walking to lunch rather than taking a cab or car or spending some time playing with the kids can increase your exercise and burn more calories. Don’t forget to say no to the elevator and yes to the stairs.
  • Consider adding some meditation or breathing exercises to your routine. While working out at the gym can burn off stress, sometimes you need to address it immediately. Those will help.
  • Take up a new active sport. If you’ve never rock climbed, give it a try. Consider learning how to roller blade or just start taking bike hikes. There’s no better way to add to your fitness than doing activities you love.
  • Encourage a friend to join you in eating healthy and working out. You’ll find the buddy system keeps you accountable and makes it easier to stick with a program.

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